Ebola – The ‘Dumb’ virus

Ebola virus

The Ebola virus causes a disease called Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). The disease is also called Ebola Hemorrhaging fever or Dumb virus; while the former is obvious, the latter moniker comes from the fact that the disease, once it has manifested, kills off its host quite quickly. Evidently, it kills too fast to ensure extra widespread of its menace, therefore it is a DUMB virus. Its name is taken from the Ebola river in Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the African countries it has affected. EDV has also registered outbreaks in other isolated areas of Africa in Sudan and Uganda, its single biggest outbreak occurring in 2000 in Uganda and claiming 224 lives.

The outbreak in Guinea is however, its first presence in West Africa. Concerns have been shown over how easily this virus gets transmitted – as easy as through contact with an infested person or animal – and as far as facts go, this is the second most depressing characteristic of the virus. The most depressing characteristic is that as yet, it has NEITHER CURE NOR VACCINE. Fruit bats are the pioneer source and for prevention, health institutions warn that people should be careful and hygienic about the meals they eat (especially meat meals), their exposure at funerals and the people they get into intimate contact with. Once a person is infected, immediate and elaborate quarantine is strongly recommended.

For us in Nigeria, the map below should be scary. One can only keep ears on the ground and insert more caution in daily activities. You can find more info on the Dumb virus here, on the WHO website and just about everywhere else.

Life is sacred. And singular. So please save yours.

Ebola in Africa