About Me

Chisom Ojukwu would normally prefer others did the talking about him, not because he’s overtly humbly and overwhelmingly decent – he is not – but because it feels better to be talked about.
For the purposes of this however, Chisom is a Nigerian writer, engineer – even though COREN says he isn’t just yet and skydiver (in his dreams). He did a three-year stint as a campus journalist for CAMPUSLIFE and won some ‘big deal’ awards so most think he is a journalist. In order not to fuss up any feathers, he admits to being a free-lance journalist. His articles have been published in The Nation, The Guardian and The Internet. He writes fiction, poetry, opinion pieces, features and (slot in genre). Up until now (March 01, 2014), he has terribly procastinated about blogging…and marriage. He is hoping that since he finally got around to doing one, the other might not be too far in the future – and he sighs and laughs, because it most likely is.
Chisom lives for high-powered intellectual discussions garnished with orgasmic little slices of laughter and sarcasm, in reverse order. He is passionate about Nigeria and bringing positive change to the world as he met it. So at every opportunity, he never hesitates to roll-up (jacket) sleeves and roll-down (shirt) sleeves.
He equally loves to drive, travel and keep busy.

6 thoughts on “About Me

    • The way you compliment shaa … thank you, dear Winie. Na work I still dey learn oh but hey, ever glad to inspire. *covers face*runs away* … *returns and uncovers face because it feels weird acting like a shy bride* 🙂

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