Poets’ Thursday: Another one

You clutch the clothes to your skin

Cold Nostalgia chills you to the bones

You walked away again

This time the mallet hit the wood

Arrogant tears traipse down your skin

Regret and pain encircle your bosom

As you nod painfully

Your thoughts walk back in time to

When you sold your soul to lust, intertwined with desire

You saw blur but you walked through

Through forbidden territories and boundaries

He whispered words and took a flight in you

Sailing through bones that became still

You laid down mistakes and buried a dusty Bible

Now yours walls are cracked and evil eyes see through

Your lips part and you can still make a sound

A sound of healing from within

A music that heals and a voice that soothes

You are back


hurt woman


Deborah Nwanguma

Are you feeling poetic? Does your poem need some polishing?

Is there a poem inside you awaiting some prodding?

All roads lead to ojukwumartin@gmail.com; attach your work in a mail titled ‘Poets’ Thursday’. We shall ensure that your poetic muse does not divorce you, now or ever.

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27 thoughts on “Poets’ Thursday: Another one

  1. She’s slowly kicking me outta business
    Yet all I feel for her is happiness
    Each word with deep meaning cascading
    A heart opened and transending
    Its always a pleasure and an honour
    Each time your work,I get to savour……
    Beautiful dear,almost a master piece,sent me to my dictionary like once or twice tho but it makes perfect sense..rule your world dear,you are good

  2. Fabulous!!
    This is a vivid discriptive exposition, painting the clear scenario of one’s predicament when mistakes are made; especially,Conscious Mistakes: mistakes that were fore-warned, as the persona highlighted

    “You walked away again
    (implying a repetition of error)
    Arrogant tears traipse down your skin…
    When you sold your soul to lust, intertwined with desire”

    Obviously, the tears are arrogant because the action seems deliberate. How?
    “You saw blur but you walked through” (deliberately with ferocity)

    The worst is to abandone your bible to be dusty, talk more of Burying the already dusty bible.

    This is a clear metaphor of (burying) belief, value, norms, conventions etc to go ahead with the abhorred.

    Well, the testimony resides in the few ending lines; if you have crossed the line, and faced with these emotional adversity, you can salvage yourself from your within… just try to be happy.

    Pls, Everyone is suppose to be slow to wroth and selfdestructive activities.
    LOve yourself, your woman, your man; and be contented with each other.

    Deborah… this is good.

    But i want to add that, its not enough to advise one to seek solace retrospectively from inner strength. Most times the inner strength is weakened by a heavy guilt that is unbearable by one person.
    You can volunteer to get close and help the person through a self-regeneration of esteem, value, relevance etc if you truely love her/him… this is because leaving the person alone, all by herself can make her feel like the worst person, rejected and dejected.

    But i will like to appreciate this poem literarily and critically next time. Thank you ma…

  3. I didn’t mean the earlier reply for you. David, you truly read deep into the poem. Yes, you made sense. Sometimes, its difficult to find strength from within. Sometimes, you are all you’ve got. That doesn’t change the fact though that we need ourselves.

  4. Hmmm…deliberate mistakes…arrogant tears and a buried bible. It’s one piece ‘nice’ doesn’t do enough justice to.

    More ink to your quill Deborah.

    …n Chisom, “All roads lead to ojukwumartin@gmail.com“… that’s what you said. Sha, just know say iffa loss, dem go come hold you o. 🙂

    • Hehehe … no problem, Jay, let them come. Shaa forewarn them, you know how I can be nah *cracks knuckles*
      And Debby, for the umpteenth time, wonderful wonderful wonderful piece.

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