The Lectern: Impossible is nothing

I do not know about you, reader, but this past month has been both a trial and a blessing for me. I gave up many times – numerous nights when it was just hisses and ta-hell-with-it’s. But none of those dark moments was ever for too long at a time. Every time it seemed impossible to pull through, someone/thing came through – family, friends and/or that aged belief in my own strength.

Imagine my delight then when Chizzy knocked on my door this early morning with ‘Impossible is nothing’ … as if she knew! Thanks to this month’s edition of ‘The Lectern’, I have found belief afresh. I hope you do too.

Have a sweet July 🙂

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Impossibl is nothing - The Lectern

I recently saw a picture of Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote on the cover of Tell magazine. On the far end of his mahogany desk sat a plaque on which was written, ‘impossible is nothing’.

Many times I have heard that phrase repeatedly used by motivational speakers, and I often roll my eyes in response. Never did I take time out to find its application to me.

One day, I went to buy some shoes at an ‘OK’ store. If you don’t know what ‘OK’ shoes are, you are not Nigerian; it means okirika shoes, a code name for fairly-used imported shoes. Fellow Naija babes will agree that ‘OK’ shoes are more durable than the acclaimed ‘foreign’ ones, most of which are made in Aba anyways.

But I digress. I entered the shop and asked the shop attendant to pick out black ballerina shoes for me. Rather than do as I requested,  the man brought out a writing pad and began to scribble on it. I was too curious to even be vexed, what was he writing?

After he was done, he handed the pad to me and I saw that he had written on it: “what do you want to buy”. The guy was deaf and dumb!

What on earth is a deaf and dumb fellow looking for in the business of buying and selling?, I thought to myself. I know quite well what trading entails – a lot of talking and haggling and more talking. So saying that I was shocked is an understatement. I bet you are too.

I was amazed. At that point I remembered the phrase, ‘impossible is nothing’.

Here was this guy, probably already written off as a mute, as something headed for nothing. He was disabled, but he refused to be disadvantaged. He rejected the limitations placed on him by his physical condition and rather chose to see ability in his disability. Plus he handled the sales so well that I even forgot to haggle – and you know we love to haggle.

This experience made me pause for a minute and think. I thought about how at several points in my life I had abandoned projects and plans because I felt they were impossible feats. Oh nobody has ever done it, I would often lament; the last person that attempted failed woefully.

Many times I catch myself holding on to a past hurt, obviously stuck in a rut, but refusing to let go. And other times, I feel like my best days are long over and I can never live a happy and fulfilling life again … the list is endless.

However after my experience with that shoe salesman, I began to see hope. I see now that I am fired up to succeed like I have never been before. I see now that life can throw anything at me, but I, and I alone determine what to make of it. I see now that ‘impossible is nothing’.

Dear friend, if nobody has ever done it, be the first. Challenge the status quo and reach for new frontiers. Who said you cannot be the one to break that old record and set a new one? Nobody.

If you still think it’s impossible, maybe because you have tried so many times and failed every time, then you need to visit Thomas Edison. He will tell you that 999 feels like 1 million to someone who has lost all hope, and one more trial to a passionate soul. Nobody every moved forward by keeping their eyes fixed on the rear view mirror. The past is past and those who dwell on it pass away with it.

The shop attendant in my story wrote out his words in well-articulated English, his lettering was bold, neat and legible. Evidently, he took time to learn to read and write. Even in his disability, he stands tall and makes much more money than many who are perceived as ‘able-bodied’.

Is there an area of your life which isn’t quite playing out according to your plans? I suggest you stop planning for a minute; take the time to show gratitude to God for the areas that are working. Then you may think about ways to make the problem areas work. And when you are done thinking, stand and start doing – very important. Because it is often in the ‘doing’ that our strength fails us. And if in trying you fail, I urge that you try, try and try again. Do not bother who has written you off, never write yourself off.

Losing your eye is not the worst thing that can happen to you, losing your vision is.

Decide today that nothing shall be impossible for you. Whatever is conceivable is achievable. The greatest battles are fought in the mind, win them. And you shall soar like the eagle, because indeed, nothing is impossible if you believe.

By Chiezugolum Odilinye

Chizzy Odilinye

Chizzy Odilinye is a chemical engineer who is driven to challenge status quo and add value everywhere she goes. Her pleasures are photography, chess and cooking.

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82 thoughts on “The Lectern: Impossible is nothing

  1. Great inspiration here….. If only we’d look deeper & push perceived limits, we’d be surprised at what lies within us. This writer writes with a prowess only matched by her beauty. Great value combination. Nice piece!

  2. I saw a name in de link posted and I had no option but open the link immediately. Talking about Chizzy Odilinye. I was sure the content was of good quality and good message. She’s been a friend and has proven to be a candidate of success. Good work here.
    Appreciation to Chizzy Odilinye and Chisom Ojukwu for making dis good work accessible.

    God bless!!!

      • Hahaha … haba, mamacita! Have I ever doubted your ‘successability’? God
        And mega thanks to you, Johnny … appreciative folks like you keep us going.

    • *dodges hammer*douses red hot nail with mmiri oyi* Before fire start to dey burn all of us up in this
      Thanks, brother, e don tey since we see you here oh. By the way, I am holding you to that proposed post.

  3. awesome….u r a natural …thanks for this inspiration on the 1st day of d month with d sun high up in the Sky.

  4. Nicely written. Points well articulated. Thanks for this Chisom and Chizzy, this is surely a great way to start the 2nd half of the year-knowing that Nothing is Impossible

  5. Deaf and dumb salesman? that’s some high level stepping out of comfort zone, just the right motivation into the second half of this year.

  6. Losing your eye is not the worst thing that
    can happen to you, losing your vision is.

    Wonderful piece chizzy. May be you can inspire me to be a good writer too. Impossible is Nothing. More of these please.
    May God grant you more insights Amen.

  7. Really nice.. and inspiring! Thanks for this piece.. #justgotfiredup.. sure needed this for this 2nd half. #thelecternrocks

  8. Thank you Chizzy. You dunno how much you’ve helped me. I really needed this reminder. just like Chisom, I’ve had lots of those nights when its just hisses n da-hell-withs. Thank you…really.

  9. I read through this…saw the pishure of the writer,paused and concluded that this was worth a second read, so I read it again. My read-it-again motivation;the pishure😆.
    Had a similar encounter…It was a deaf and dumb young lady,with the guys-must-must-toast looks selling recharge cards. The amazing thing was that she kept this bright contagious smile all through out the transaction and was neatly dressed. All i could do was thank God who uses people and things we perceive as ‘less’ or ‘incapacitated’ to teach us timeless truths for such encounter .
    Good motivation to a start of the other half of the year. Thanks ojukwu,biko more of such tonic!.God bless u real good Bro.
    And to the writer…chiezugolum, ka chukwu gozie gi.

    • Hehehehe, nnaa ehn, I no fit shout. Amen and amen to those prayers. God bless you too, nwanne.

      P.S: I hope say you no ‘dull’ for that recharge card babe side shaa 😉

    • Wonderful inspiration Bede.
      I only wish the sign thing didn’t discourage you. … maybe like Nollywood always portray, she will start speaking on the altar.

      Thanks for your kind words

  10. ”Nobody ever moved forward by keeping their eyes fixed on the rear view mirror. The past is past and those who dwell on it pass away with it.

    Ahead Ahead ….Mehn!..No more sleeping ontop bike (I hope this ginger lasts tho, I have saved a screenshot of this phrase to be used as my medicine during the ”low days”.

    Chizzy, please know that your article has impacted a life today.

  11. Wow! very uplifting post. I sure needed this. GOD bless the writer and the blogger for sharing. By the way this is my first time of visting and commenting on this blog.

  12. wow, you really nailed it. and. it is coming at the right time. God bless u for this my strawberry…. keep it up!

  13. Wow! What a great write up! Now it has dawned on me that I don’t even know. Chizzy, by this write-up, you have made my day! Infact my admiration for you has gone to another level.

  14. This synopsis…is thrilling and Timely…. Couldnt ask for more…am Optimistic That *He* Can trust you still to stay Focused…Good God Bless You Chizzy!

    • Dnddyon…
      So it’s cooking you took note of in all these?? Anyway, I have this well prepared Ora soup dunno how you can come to my location and eat it sha

      • Ahn ahn, this is pasha nah. Me I want ofe onugbo! And don’t worry about my mode of transportation to the place, shaa make am

  15. Hope! Hope!! Hope!!! That’s all I see from this write-up. Even the strongest of men still need to hear words of hope from time to time.
    Great piece Chizzy, you’ll go places farther than you ever imagined.

  16. Great piece,inspiring and encouraging.thanks for the link Chizzy,you have always been a unique and outstanding young lady,more grace to u and ur team..

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