My Sketchbook…lost but found!


In May’s edition of ‘The Lectern’, WAW featured a piece titled ‘My Sketchbook’ (read the whole piece here). In it, Hope told a heroine’s tale of pain suffered at the hands of love. The heroine gave her sketchbook to her lover; but every time she retrieved it from him, he had riddled it with horrid markings.

He returned repentant every time, and in spite of the pain she had suffered, the brave heroine gave this lover another chance with her sketchbook. And each time, he treated it even worse “…until there was one page left.”

And even as we watched in astounded rage, this heroine yet again forgave the prodigal lover and gave the last page to him. This time, he …

“…tore it into tiny bits and pieces…

…and the wind carried it away”

leaving the lady hurt and heartbroken. With no beautiful sketches and no sketchbook, our brave heroine finally broke down and cried.

Some of you thought it was beautiful, some thought it was sad, the rest of us were just angry – “how could she have been so trusting?!” And we kept a thunderbolt doing press-ups in the backyard waiting for the day the yeye lover-boy go try surface.

But this one WAW reader did more. He found the sketchbook!

You hear me, Hope?…he found ‘your’ sketchbook. And for icing, he drew your face on the very first page.

Hope sketch2

He also asked that I add this:

“Christ gave and gave everything to us, yet we crucified him. Even at the point of death he still gave – he prayed for us. You gave your sketchpad in love and forgiveness, like Christ, but it was misused and lost. Good news: you will get it back bigger and better, as long as God lives. Because He is the epitome of love and mercy”

Did he say “you will?”…because it looks like she got it back already, bigger and BETTER.


I know what you’re thinking. What’s his name, abi? My dear, im no gree oh. The dude swore me to secrecy on his identity. So I’ll just leave now…before I start leaking truths and tears all over this e-floor. Do not pass by without saying one word or two (or singing a whole frigging chorus) in appreciation of this beautiful gesture.

Question: “Shall we let this correct guy remain anonymous???”

I mean, yes, he swore me to secrecy but swear sef dey fear im mama. If a good number of you, say 30, 40 or 50 came out here to say SHOW YOURSELF, I wouldn’t have a choice but to yell his name. You folks are king after all, and I can’t be sued for royal loyalty…right? 😉



27 thoughts on “My Sketchbook…lost but found!

  1. WAW!!! You found my sketchbook!!! Abeg show yourself o! And I must say…that is one very beautiful piece there…so real!!!

    Chisom, if you don’t reveal him eh…!!!

    • Yes oh. Lol…e no dey my hand oh. Let’s roll in some mega votes and the bros no go get choice.

      Six votes now…and counting. We’re polling on Facebook too. #ShowYourself

  2. A wonderful work of art.
    A string of accompanying inspirational words.

    And the artist wants to remain in hiding?
    Maka why?
    Abeg SHOW YOURSELF! Hope needs to know who she’ll be sending a thank you note to.

  3. Chief show yourself because some of us are planning to take this matter to another level….
    ‘It always happens… In the construction industry…
    The architect and the construction engineer reviewing drawings… Making corrections and amending as necessary because what many see as an ordinary sketch, scribbles and markings might have more to it…’

  4. This is really sweet.. thanks Mr. “Anonymous” for reaching out to Hope with this gesture of love. Please ‘SHOW YOURSELF’.. please

  5. hmmm…. what a giver Hope is. Good thing another giver is bracing up to wipe away the hurt of the errant lover. You need to SHOW YOURSELF to make this the complete real romance it is shaping up to become.

  6. Aaaaand we hit it! Thirty-ONE votes for Team #ShowYourself here and on Facebook. I said it, y’all are king, and HRM just spoke: “Oga Anonymous, you gazz to SHOW!” *maniacal mechanical laughter* Stay tuned for the next blog post “My Sketchbook Finder: Revealed”…or something like And if I do say so myself, y’all rock! Many Thanks.

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