Roses and Angels

roses and angels

The room is chilly and quiet, so quiet that the tick-tock of the golden vintage clock resonates. Unlike the other times, you are not entranced by the tasteful furnishings this place. It is tagged first-class, this room in which you have lodged four or five times now. Johnny always tells you how lucky you are. He says suites of this sort are meant ‘for the rich, or the accessories of the rich’. The very first time he said it, you decoded what he meant, and into what category you belong – the accessories of the rich. But you did not mind.

The clock keeps ticking. On the muted television screen is a thin woman in tight khaki shorts. She is making frantic gestures. The piece of terra-cotta art work which you learnt is over a hundred years old and have spent time admiring on your previous times here has been replaced with a blue abstract painting.  But you do not notice its absence. Your thoughts are rooted in the fields where anxiety reigns, but you do not know why. There is something amiss about today, and you know it. You cannot explain it, yet it feels strange. Stranger than the sudden stiffness you now feel on your neck.

You try to shake off the present feeling. You decide to take a warm shower; it has always had a magic effect on you. Standing from the bed, you take slow numbered steps towards the wide mirror. You hold up your naked ebony complexioned breasts, wondering if Chief your new client will, like the others, find them attractive. You have heard he has high taste for women, and you are certain that that is why Johnny chose you for him today. Unlike other times, Johnny did not even spend much time bargaining. He had just mentioned the prize – your prize, and chief had accepted without objection. Your heart bounced again when Johnny dropped the phone, with that boyish smile plastered on his bleached face.

The water is running gently over your velvety skin when you hear the entrance door open and shut with a small thud. You hasten up. Chief’s heavy voice comes from outside,

‘Baby, don’t tell me you’re not ready yet.’ Silence follows for brief seconds before he speaks again, ‘Baby, I hate to be kept waiting, so you just tell me if your ass ain’t ready, and I’ll give Johnny boy a quick call,’

Chief’s voice is laced with impatience, arrogant impatience. But wait. You have heard that voice from somewhere. There is something about its heavy baritone that makes it so familiar. You have no time to dwell on such thoughts, to compare the similarities, and reach a conclusion. So you hasten up, calling back with mild apologies.

You rinse the last trace of lather off your body and step out of the sky-blue Jacuzzi. Chief has switched off the light and the only source of illumination is the bathroom room light which is sneaking into the room. You see Chief’s silhouette on the bed. You are sure he is annoyed, but of course, you know what to do to bring him back in the mood. It is your vocation, your calling.

You immediately drop your towel, unveiling your naked form like it’s a precious offering to a god. You can see Chief’s full cheeks move and you assume it is smile. It is a boost to your morale, so you gently mount yourself on the bed and get down to business. You are about to think of how impressed Johnny will be with you, when you notice on the old man’s face, a tinge of familiarity. You wish the lights were switched on. Anxiety slowly spreads its tentacles on you and tightens its wicked grip when chief mounts on you. His breathing is labourious. His movements are deliberate. His thrusts are quick and forceful, belying the shriveled features of his elderly frame.  

Morning comes with a new awareness. The sun’s rays are creeping into the room when you awake. Chief is still asleep and all other sounds, kowtow to his heavy sporadic snores.

You open your eyes, the environment looks surreal at first, then everything takes shape, and the first thing that your eyes behold is…

‘O god!’

…to be continued next week

by Uche Anichebe

28 thoughts on “Roses and Angels

  1. Oh I see, so everyone is now into this cliffhanger thing. ok oh!
    Updates ‘To-do List:’ Raid Ojukwu’s office, ask him to finish the story at gunpoint.

  2. Ah Mogbe!!! Obara Jesus! I hope Chief is not related to her oo! I mean it will be a little far fetched cos men who pay for their “servicing” always inspect the “goods” first. No blind knacking at all.
    Hey biko I’m not speaking from experience ooo!lmbo
    I will come back for part two

  3. Ikenna Okoro had this to say: “Interesting read, especially with the use of second-person pov and how I consciously avoided being drawn into the story because of it. Also interesting that I saw the cliffhanger from paragraphs away; but I’m curious about how the story will continue, just to see who the guy is. Otherwise I have a bunch of adjective and imagery suggestions… but it doesn’t seem to hurt the readership. So all good.”

    Oga, you better put up your own comment next time! lol. Thanks bro

  4. Chisom and Uche, unu ga egbukwa mmadu oohhh!
    I hope it is not his randy uncle who has refused to assist her unless he sleeps with her, or even her own father?
    Odikwa egwu, ife na eme, anyi na ahukwa ya!
    De super-suspense is good, but why wait till next week saturday? Why not tomorrow?
    Using de 2nd person in a narrative, creating more sense of pictureque!
    Patiently waiting!

  5. Uche Anichebe
    came to us in the spirit of Achebe
    told her i was looking out for her
    o si m chebe

    my very own Chimamanda
    maka chukwu i gaghi ada
    your works na ada uda
    otoro utoo ka udara

    my way of nice work,loved particularly the way she employed the use of suspense!!!

    • Kai! Nnamdi egbuo mmadu. Nwanne, ur rhymes na-ada pino pino ka Phyno…Uche

      Thanks bro…where the babe dey sef? *looking behind curtains* Nne, come collect your tribute nu…

  6. Oh Schmuckz! Who ‘walks’ into a blindspot with their wide opened?! Who gets with another not knowing what they look like?! This is sooo not good, not good at all! For all we know, babe’s just gotten with a relative with the same bloodline, or an inlaw! The horror! Some ‘calling’ that is! *tsking*

    This made for an interesting, very intriguing read! Looking forward to unravelling the identity of our mystery ‘patron’! I hope she doesn’t bail on him before he opens his eyes to beholding the one who he’s committed an ‘abomination’ with! That will be his death for sure! LOL

    Thank you so much Chisom for looking in on me; that didn’t go un-noticed, I appreciate lots! Shoulda gotten intouch before now, do bear me with me and thanks for sharing!

    • Chai, did we miss you or what, Yem-yem? Happy everything in arrears…don’t even mention it, it was the least I could have done. About the babe and her mystery ‘patron’, shei we don find out ni?

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