Why I put out the TB Joshua bribery audio – by investigative journalist, Nicholas Ibekwe

 Nicholas ibekwe TBJoshua

Nicholas Ibekwe is an investigative journalist who has been in the news for releasing an audio recording which he claims captures T.B. Joshua offering bribe to reporters. This happened in the wake of the building collapse in the minister’s synagogue which claimed over 70 lives.

Click HERE for a summarized transcript of the clip and to download and hear it for yourself.

The journalist himself took to the pages of his blog to shed more light on the matter in a piece titled ‘Why I put out the TB Joshua bribery audio’. To answer the self-imposed question, he wrote:

“I had recorded the audio six days before posting it on Twitter. To be sincere, I didn’t think much of it until Saturday morning (I’d explain later). I was intently watching the way the collapsed building was being played out in the media after the rather disappointing way Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, dodged reporters through a back door after his private meeting with TB Joshua on September 14. I observed that Nigerian media were being too gentle on TB Joshua despite the glaring irregularities surrounding the collapse. I read more reports about the “hovering craft” and how Boko Haram could’ve sabotaged the building and other poppycock the televangelist wanted the world to believe.

Very little was reported about the structural defects of the building. Not much was written about the fact that the building originally had 2 floors and was being illegally refurbished with 4 additional floors when it collapsed. We didn’t come hard on the Synagogue Church goons who attacked first responders. We didn’t highlight the fact that many of those that perished could have been saved if NEMA officials weren’t barred from the site for almost three days! We didn’t make an issue of the fact that our colleagues who had gone to report the collapsed building were molested on Saturday.

So when I woke up last Saturday morning and saw the picture of Jonathan shaking hands with a grinning TB Joshua with headlines like “Jonathan consoles TB Joshua,” I said damn it! I couldn’t stomach this blatant impunity…”

He also went on to highlight the less honorable parts of the journalism profession, especially as it is practiced in Nigeria.

Click HERE for the full article as written by Nicholas Ibekwe who tweets @nicholasibekwe.

Then go ahead and spill your thoughts below. As for me and my family, God forbid we speak or even believe ill of an anointed man of God; lest evil airplanes start to circle our small house and it collapses upon us before we have the chance to celebrate Independence day.

For your entertainment, hit Google to read the reactions that greeted the reporter’s actions – from TB Joshua fans and haters alike. One thing is sure – Naija has got talents!

Bless you!


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12 thoughts on “Why I put out the TB Joshua bribery audio – by investigative journalist, Nicholas Ibekwe

  1. And then it gets messier and our reputation as a nation and the ilk of leaders we parade, representing ‘our’ interests becomes even more questionable! Integrity, truth and conscience are all gone! Regards for humanity, lacking! Its pretty sad and hopefully, the bad blood between Nigeria and SA will not be further deepened by this crisis and Nigerians in the diaspora will not be the victims of a silently raging and brewing ‘war’! The way I see it, those guys will be out for blood due to the lack of closure as none is being prosecuted for these wrongful, senseless and needless deaths of the innocent! The die is cast! *sighs*

  2. The T.B. Joshua situation aside, the journalism thing is quite unfortunate but so true. A few years ago, I interned at a state run and financed news organization. As in the state government paid salaries, which calls so many things into question because how can you be critical of a government that controls when you get paid. Anyway, whenever we went to the government house, the officials would always give “something so you can write a good story for us.” Like anyone had a choice…

    • he who pays the piper, dictates the tune. You are so correct, Rae. I did a project with a state-owned TV station once; everybody’s antennae stood at red alert when anything that spoke or even merely insinuated ill of the governor came up. Who is fooling who abeg? mschewww

  3. ‘Jonathan consoles TB Joshua.’ Hmmm… *shaking my head* Well, no one could ever say our president was a leader of the people. Nah, he is the leader of a select portion of the people. Just ask the Chibok families.

  4. We need more journalists like this guy..(if actually he isn’t biased in his report). However, the families of the deceased should please do what needs to be done, as the issue might soon be swept under the rug.

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