One thing seems to be very certain every football season, and it is that Real Madrid Club de Futbol will always do something to remind everyone that they are the biggest club in the world. Folks at Carrington may be basking in lofty aspirations for the new season on the comments of Louis van Gaal ascribing that title to them, but let’s not kid ourselves, Beckham, Van Nistelrooy and Ronaldo would not have moved on if they were. They get who they want, whenever they want – because they are simply who everyone wants. Barcelona, of course, stands as the other major rival, but then Figo danced the Blaugrana tunes even as a Captain but still decided the Menu of the Merengues simply had more flavor. In a season where their Catalan rivals have lost their greatest midfielder of all time, got rid of Cesc Fabregas and signed Ivan Rakitic as a replacement, Real Madrid have captured unarguably the most efficient midfielder the world currently knows. His name – Toni Kroos.

And how have Bayern Munich actually come to the conclusion of letting him go in the first place? For 20million? It is very credible to say that Guardiola rates Thiago Alcantara ahead of him in implementing his style of play, and that in itself is an irony to Barcelona. The strength they afforded Bayern a year ago have become an advantage to their direct rivals today. You want to review that game at the Emirates where both players were simply impeccable with their passing and distribution, and of course, that exquisitely struck angled drive which left Lukasz Fabianksi leaping for fresh air.

Both players have very unique skill sets, Thiago himself being able to conjure magical moments bearing his own distinguished patent, and on that you may infer that Toni may not be leaving the BundesLiga Champions with a dire need to fill any gaping hole. With Lahm now fully committing his attention to club football (bowing out while the audience are still on their feet applauding, or perhaps wanting to improve his midfield mastery), added to the availability of the afore-praised Thiago, Javi Martinez and one or two other persons who might breakout from nowhere, Kroos won’t be missed to detrimental consequences.

But oh, what must now be the delight of those Madrid fans as they watched him dazzle in the famous whites of the capital club during his Thursday presentation! How they must be licking their lips at the possibility of slick interplays between him and Modric in midfield, and masterful distribution to Ronaldo and Bale further up, not to mention the combination of his intelligence with the energy of an Angel (if he stays). Difficult to please as these fans might be, it is nearly impossible to love football as a sport and as an art and not want Toni Kroos in your team – lavishly gifted with every possible ball playing technique with the ability to mail the ball with any foot, to any distance, to any part of any team mate’s body. And oh, to imagine the terror of the notoriously not-so-good La Liga defenders who will try aimlessly to decode the trajectory of his missiles, because in Toni, you have a player who does not always play the obvious ball – especially when he’s set his sights on giving the ball a rest in the back of the net.

It is no secret that one or two more players will join him as a Galactico this season (cc King James of Colombia), who may surpass him in transfer figure but definitely not in impact on Ancelotti’s La Decima winning Champions. The presence at Madrid of Herr Kroos will surely become the biggest Cross for all who face them, one they will be lucky to escape without some loss.



By ALEX ONUKWUE II @lexmarylive

“I eat to work; I read to live; in love with all things that improve knowledge. God first, Arsenal second, You third.”


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