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Seventeen years and 10 months into the Arsene Wenger dynasty at Arsenal, we gear up for another season of many expectations and anticipations, especially towards mounting a further storey to the foundation laid on the seventeenth of last May. Going by the buzz which swept every red-and-white few minutes before seven pm (BST) on the day we grew #StrongerTogether, we can rightly be hopeful that the crane is already in full swing.

Over the course of seventeen months, we’ve gone from consecutive home defeats to Blackburn and Bayern Munich, to winning 4563727638 😉 away games without dross, being Champions for 128 days, beating ‘them’ three times without conceding, signing “The-Lazy-Flop-who-is-only-nicking-a-living-but-wins-the-FA-Cup-and-World-Cup-in-8-weeks” and being Champions of the oldest Club Cup competition on the planet for a record 11th time.

So, what are we expecting from the coming season, in numbers seventeen to one?


17. The Name is Alexis Sanchez. He’s a beast of a baller, fresh from Barcelona and his goals have commentators going “lalalala”…you know the rest. (P.S. Monreal will now wear 18, same worn by Grimandi, Cygan, Silvestre and Squillaci…one hell of an Ancestry, innit?)


16. If Last Season’s Half Season Player of the Year shows any improvement on his pre-Christmas performances, we’ll be ruling Europe come May.


15. Alex Chamberlain. Yea, not his full name eh? But that’s 15 letters. Doesn’t actually explain why I sense he’ll be the Ramsey of the Season, but I trust my instincts.


14. 14 years since we last did the Double (4th place trophy and FA Cup last year not a double?), and we’re still chasing the elusive 14th League Championship? The time is now?


13. (Szeczny graduated from wearing 13 to 1. Now, Ospina wore 13 at Nice. #RandomRemark)


12. Olivier Giroud played well with a partner whenever Wenger favored that. With Alexis for company, you can only lick your lips.


11. A Message to Alexis, though, “Welcome, how may I ASSIST YOU?”


10. We beat them in the World Cup Final, We beat them again. Wembley, August 10.


9. For all the joy and relief of the 9-year old since-arsenal-last-won-a-trophy stopwatches being reset, 9 months (August to May) must be the maximum henceforth.


8. Newcastle, Tottenham, Everton, Man Utd, Chelsea, City, Liverpool and The Arsenal (mind ‘The’ difference) should be the league of contenders and pretenders this season…


7. ….we beat all 7, we take all!


6. But that won’t happen if we get rinsed every other week by 6-figure scorelines now, will it?


5. Keep Vermaelen.


4. NO to Cesc was the right decision. (Who cares if he’s replaced Brazil’s World Cup ‘star’ David Luiz as the New number 4 at Cobham?)

3. Our own number 4 is one of three World Champions; that implies returning to the Emirates with bouts of infectious confidence and ambition for glory.


2. Ozil and Sanchez in less than one calendar year? “Don’t wake me up!” And that only means one thing: that after 17 years…


1. … Win, Lose or Draw, IN WENGER WE THRUST #OneArseneWenger


By ALEX ONUKWUE II @lexmarylive

“I eat to work; I read to live; in love with all things that improve knowledge. God first, Arsenal second, You third.”



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