This Thing Called ‘The Face’ – What People Had To Say



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As promised, this post will recapitulate the deal on This Thing Called ‘The Face’ with the responses I got on the question. I must warn, they range from the insightful to the absolutely clueless; as well as from the hilarious to the downright troubling. But I had a lot of fun and ‘aha’ methods reading them; I hope you find those.

I have tinkered with the identities of the respondents so if I were you, I’d take those names with a pinch of snuff salt.

Again, if you missed that TTC post, kneel down, close your eyes, raise your hands, and stick your tongue out click here NOW.


The question was:

“Complete this – you may be as effusive as you desire, or concise. However you want to answer it:

Before I die, I want to…”

Adanna: be at peace with God and man

Ginika: Go to Rome…ALL of Rome

Mimi: Write a bestseller

Ada: I dunno…how many words are required?

Tobe: I never wan die biko. Thank you

Bazo: Leave a mark

Adim: I shall think on it and reply you soon (four weeks ago!)

Pam: I don’t understand you oh. (I repeated it) I’ll think about it; it’s impromptu now (three weeks ago)

Cherry: Why you wan know?

Chioma: be happy and have succeeded in the things I wanted to do and lived a full life without any regrets.

Chibueze: Affect lives

Tochi: Make money

Ezinma: I want to love and be loved, live, travel, help, grow old, do crazy; make love, then have sex, have children; before I die, I want to live

Favor: Iron-pumper

JC: I don’t know oh

Uzoaro: Hmm…nnaa, I don’t know oh

Chidinma: Fulfill God’s purpose for my life

Achugz: Dive from the pinnacle of Everest and land on my right foot

Obiora: Leave a legacy, the kind Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King Jr left, but most likely on a much smaller scale. Or maybe more corporate-themed…like Steve Jobs. But in all, legacy is the keyword

Tombari: Live today

Claire: Attend mass at St. Peter’s Basilica with my partner and children

Mazesh: I want to visit Agra India to see Taj Mahal; want to go to the Bahamas and bask in the sun at the beach with my sweetheart; I want to test drive Bugatti Veyron; buy a Toyota GT 86; I want to proclaim in front of my family, my love for someone; I want to fly a T-rex 450 DFC FLYBERLESS RC HELI; ride on a jetski; see stone henge in UK. So many things…

Adaora: Repent

Dan: Hmm…still pondering (it’s been two weeks)

Debby: Hmm…let us see (still seeing for three weeks now…)

Jane: ride a power bike

Pretty: I want to make one person’s dreams come true

Emma: I want to live

Oge: Achieve so much in life and create a positive name

Marcel: Fulfill my dreams

Rose: Know God

Toby: Exhaust all the love I have in me

Cami: Make my name known at least in Africa, as one of the wealthiest, whilst adding something good to the society; start a family with a partner I love and who loves me, and live old enough to see my kids enjoy a comfortable life and stand on their own feet.

Oyibo: Hmmm…no be easy one oh; because I never dey reason die oh

Ofurum: Thank God for the opportunity of experiencing this world and for also for all my achievements and disappointments because they made this world fun to live in

Jessy: I want to make tangible achievements to speak for my existence



Well, you were warned 😉 A lot of them, as you have seen, revolve around seeking wealth and family, philanthropy and religion in a bid to find The Face. My personal favorites were sent in by Ezinma and Emma: I want to live.

It’s the shortest and probably, the rightest way to find ‘The Face’ isn’t it? Living fully everyday, devoid of all restrictions of society and propriety, without fear of dying too young or too fast or too painfully…just living. ‘The Face’ under such circumstances would reveal itself without any pomp, and every second spent alive would be a breeze.

I don’t know about you, reader, but before I die, I want to live.



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