The Nigerian First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan in a recent meeting with governors’ and ministers’ wives, female senators, commissioners and more than 200 women from various groups at the State House in Abuja, reportedly authored the following utterances:

“I cannot perpetuate hearsay and rumour; I must have facts to tell the international community. We will set up a committee to seek the truth as women”

“If any of those we call refuse to come, we will take the protest to Chibok”

“I do not mind being shot as long as they return our girls to us safely, we are tired of the kidnapping”

“They (first ladies of neighboring Cameroon, Chad and Niger) intimated me of their readiness to help, they also asked me questions that I could not answer ‎and as women we are the last hope of this nation. We cannot fail our fellow women and the nation”

“‎If need be, we will call on the northern elders to help us so that our children and husbands will not die”‎‎ ‎

In reply, I say…SUPER STORY!

Please Madam First Lady, make me eat my words…



  1. Mscheewwwwww!!! Too much pomp and braggadocio, that’s something our leaders have proven they’re never in short supply of. Nwanyi, goan sit down. Enough with the talk biko.
    PS: That speech was resoundingly devoid of gbagaun. Madam first lady is upgrading, I see.

    • Ndi ala!
      Nnaa, i have my doubts oh…she fit don manhandle all the press men. Maybe they all had to submit their reports for vetting before leaving the venue 🙂

  2. free d woman jare. Mayb she is now taking her lessons more seriously. Lol. As for her talk, I alsi want her to disappoint me.

  3. What if they are playing politics with this issue..i mean the Borno State government. I read a recent publication on nigerianeye about the First Lady inviting the Borno State first lady, up to three times now, but she wouldn’t come. Neither of the parents of the abducted were present..nor any of those girls that claimed to have escaped were present. Unlike the number giving to have sat for the papers that very day, WAEC representatives said otherwise. So really, some political powers are playing with the lives of the Nigerian people!

    • I will not debate whether what u heard is true or not. But consider this: if you were the president and you considered the kidnap of these girls a matter of national security, will u ne issuing out invites to concerned parties, or would u be issuing ORDERS? Orders which said ‘come by yourself or come in cuffs’

  4. I’m not trying to be sentimental about this…but after watching yesterday’s presidential chat, with recent developments surrounding the insurgency, i begin to wonder…

    • Of course some political people are playing with the situation…but we must never think of the first lady or the president for that matter, as powerless as a result

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