Fellow Nigerians,

The Boko boys hit again, early this morning while men, women and children milled around the bus park in Nyanya, eyes still gritty from sleep. What can I say?

Eternal rest grant them, O Lord.

And for us who watch from the sidelines,

shamelessly commenting and taking pictures

writing poems and being grateful ‘they’ are not our family or friends


Please, have mercy.




Chisom Ojukwu,

shameless Nigerian.

P.S: I hope you enjoy the poem or maybe the pictures enough to drop a comment. The more infuriated it sounds, the better…we’re really good at that stuff.




13 thoughts on “NYANYA BOMB BLAST

    • Last time I checked, He gave us the means to at least attempt defending ourselves, serious man. But in the thriving Nigerian spirit of shameless torpor, Amen

  1. On this one I choose not to blame anyone… it is for me, one of those acts of terrorism that every sane mortal should detested.

    contrary to your munched update, AIT’s chief editor, who was at the scene of events praised Nigerian security operatives for their alertness and reaction speed. he decried the nativity of the Nigerian public when it comes to event scenes. ‘they chose to gather again at the same spot to see what had happened instead of fleeing… ignorant of the fact that reprisal attacks place more than icing on the cake of damages done’

    let’s get our facts right

    • For the fact that you think my ire is over this one event, you miss the point. It is our fault and our shame that this has continued. If you prefer to ‘get used’ to and ‘react quickly’ to the flesh of brothers, sisters, children and parents scattered all over the sand, I don’t. I’d rather have a system where we fought and ‘reacted quickly’ BEFORE the deaths.
      Get your priorities straight, Tomicity.

  2. i follow all your brautiful portrait… i have a friend that paints portraits.. though not with blood of enermies or loved ones… just colours!
    it is like 9/11… you can only react at this instance. when last was Abuja bombed? my point exactly! these security operatives are not magicians… humans that add values to predict. this could happen even in the US… so let’s not be too quick as to judge them.

    • You really should relax. Who is ‘they’? Who is judging ‘them’? You think this one of them rants crying about our leaders un-leading?
      Bro, really. Chill!

    • You’re running around in circles defending people that need no defense. Na today this story start? Or because it is Abuja now, you have facts and figures of ‘reaction’?

  3. My tear gland is empty of waters and my often agrieved heart at the social injustice and human roasting no longer has the fortitude to atleast cry, pray and meditate for the helplessly victimised victims of this Amplified Sect of Organised Violence and Terror, Bokoharam. Even creeping ants in their tiny dark holes are familiar with the name and subject; concept and the woes associated with it.
    Major populace commenting from the sidelines are often grudginly thankful. Perhaps, no person dear to them has been victimised, like you shared.
    Nyanya Bomb Blast is merely one of the counted blasts( that is if we have not lost count yet) and is definitely not the last!!! This is because (without apologies) in a self-seeking and porous security entity like our Dearest Nigeria where multiples of
    injustice and grave crimes against humanity are pampered by the people’s Barons of hope and merchants of political power, there is no end to such. What a shame indeed?
    When the time comes, quote me that in the near future, northern Nigeria, if not the entire nation, may suffer scarcity of human relevance. Then, maybe, creatures of conscience congeality and mental depravity who are either less or more human than Bokoharam would become both street walkers and indoor stayers. I envisage that the country, turned into a vast waste land, would be spacious and comfortable enough for their coperate and folkish existence. When there is no one to bomb any more, they will bomb themselves, I guess.

  4. It is at times like this that you wish the God of today was the God of Moses, and of Joshua, Who came forth from Heaven to bring justice swiftly to the oppressor. Since apparently we are helpless in the face of this terrorism saga…
    May His peace and love console the grieving loved ones left behind.

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