ON TOP D MATTER: Week 3 at the National Confab

And it happened that the third week of proceedings at The National Conference has come and gone. Our ‘people’ did not fail to impress, whether they were doing so from within or outside the walls of the conference venue. The major points for the week were:

  1. The decisions, the decisions and resolutions:

The week kicked off with an intense disagreement on the nature of voting should the conference not reach a consensus agreement on any matters. A group of 49 ‘elders’ proceeded to an inner caucus meeting where it was finally decided after inner discussions – because elders don’t argue – that 70% of the entire population of delegates would be the deciding factor for such votes. This cancelled out the earlier decision for 75% or three-quarters of the whole to break such ties.

Earlier, a decision had been reached to remove the power for picking Committee heads from the delegates. Resurfacing disagreements on this decision resulted in a voice vote which decided in favor of the earlier ruling. It was as it had been earlier agreed – a special committee would nominate all Committee Chairmen and Deputies for the duration of the conference.



  1. Why are the same people making and re-making the same decisions?
  2. In the spirit of decisions, I withdraw question (a).


  1.  The woe-mongers, GEJ and the praise-singers:

The Sun published online very recently an interview with Ambassador Yahaya Kwande, two-time delegate to national conferences, one-time founding father of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) now defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and apparently zero-time fan of the ongoing National Conference. The interview which was titled “Why the national conference is useless?” saw Ambassador Kwande sum up his reasons for preaching doom of the conference as the failures of the previous conferences of the Obasanjo and Abacha regimes both of which he had participated in as a delegate. He, like many other notable APC members, have sworn that ‘the national conference is useless’. We’ll do well to remember at this point, that the APC is the only registered political party which ignored the GEJ-led government’s call for delegates.

On the other side of the GEJ life-line stands a canary who has been tagged for her persevering binoculars stamina and ability to stand unwaveringly alone. The Punch reported that according to Professor Dora Akunyili, “Nigerians have for long clamoured for this National Conference. I regard this National Conference as President Jonathan’s best Centenary gift to Nigeria; it is a testimony of the fact that he is a listening President.”



  1. Whose side are you on?


  1. The owambe gate-crashers, the food and the vultures:

On Saturday, the 5th of April, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan gave his daughter Faith Sakwe Elizabeth away in marriage to her heartthrob Prince Osim Godswill Edward. The picture below serves to remind us of two things: first, that ‘unlike poles attract, like poles repel’ stops being true outside the walls of science. In real life, national royalty begets traditional royalty; second, GEJ’s son is a fine chip off the maternal old block.

 GEJ daughter02


According to a report by Codewit World News, many delegates upon hearing of the owambe planned for Saturday dropped their National Confab portfolios and fled to Otuoke, Bayelsa state, uninvited. This, as reported, was unacceptable to the Confab chairman, Justice Kutigi.

As early as Monday, reports filtered in that delegates were dissatisfied with the quality and quantity of food made available for them. One particularly hungry disturbed delegate from the South South on Thursday proceeded to move for the food to be monetized so that delegates could be responsible for their own feeding arrangements. This motion was shot down by the house and by Friday, the matter was reported as having been satisfactorily addressed. According to Josephine Anenih, a delegate, the delegates are now “eating Chinese food”.

The picture below was circulated by a Chinese media outlet as delegates caught in action while scrambling for food.


It is however, a picture of delegates scrambling for the microphone in their HUNGER to speak their mind. I believe applause is apposite at this moment, patriotic applause for patriotic delegates being framed by the vultures media.



  1. Have you eaten today?
  2. So why are you hating?


God bless the National Conference! God bless Nigeria!


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