Beauty, beauty, beauty…Walter Ude captures ‘The Quintessence of Beauty’ in this piece. It got me thinking. And I’ll soon be putting those thoughts into words. Meanwhile, enjoy this ‘mindsnap’


We have been coached to abstract the idea of beauty as being perfect; Perfect physique, perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips, and perfect hair – in other words, too perfect to be human.

It seems to me that once you have moved up your way to the top of the entertainment industry and have being elevated from being a mere human to a super-perfect star, then – and only then – can you be called “beautiful”.

The question of who decides who is beautiful is one that has always puzzled me. So I did a bit of investigating on my own. I asked around for my usual company to define beauty. I got answers like “J-Lo”, “Brad Pitt”, “Halle Berry”, and “Beyoncé”. In some instances, some even tossed out “Genevieve Nnaji” and “RMD”. I rest my case.

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  1. Its good you had to rest your case. lol. i have always wondered too you know? what exactly is the definition or description of beauty in its perfection? Of course, i’m not talking about anything internal or character-wise now. I know we already dealt with that in your latest write-up.

    Now my question is; what is the yardstick for perfect beauty or how do you measure it?

    For the male department, is it when she is shaped like coca cola, or like Malta Bottle? is it when she’s a figure 6, 9 or 8? Is it when she has the “assets” in the right ways or when she walks like Omotola and has Angelina Jolie’s height?

    For the female folk’s, is it when he has 100 packs(like the latest indomie noddle, i believe they call it hungry man’s size”, or when he has a killer smile like Van Vicker? Is it the dress sense of Chidi Mokeme(and that height? OMG!)…or its possibly the eloquence of Ramsey Noah?

    My personal opinion? From the female’s department, i think its either he’s either he has it or not! Just yesterday, my roomates were critically analysing a brother…(yes we do that at times…as if you guys don’t?) Of like 4 of them who said the guy was cute, handsome blablabla, just one said the guy was just there! Come and see scream! My roomies were screaming! Their thoughts were to the line of beeeef! Appreciate good thing girl! But really, i saw the guy and i will give him 80% and thats just for his face because we didnt see his whole profile.

    So basically, even though we females beef our own selves a whole lot…for what ever reason….i know we know a drop dead gorgeous female when we see one. There’s always that silent appraisal and acknowledgement; either ou hate her or not; you know she is beautiful!

    Not all persons have such glaring, beyond reasonable doubt, beauty epitimized. But its so inherent that when you see someone who has it, you simply see it.

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